The Alien Abduction Quiz


Do you believe the Earth is being visited by aliens from another planet?

Have you ever seen an alien?

Have you ever had the burning feeling that you had to be at certain place at a certain time for no apparent reason? A feeling of anxiety that can last for days?


Do you ever have recurring dreams that you have had a strange medical examination or procedure and have been powerless to stop it?

Do you ever feel that have have lost track of large chunks of time? That hours have passed and you do not recall what happened?

When you walk near your TV or radio does it behave erratically-make strange noises or turn off?


Have you started walking in your sleep for no reason after NEVER having done so before?

Do you often hear a humming or buzzing sound in your head before you fall asleep?

Do you have a strong feeling of hatred for aliens or anything having to do with UFO's? Do you dislike movies, discussions or TV shows about the subject?


Have you noticed strange, unusual marks on your ankles, back, waist or other parts of your body and have no idea how you got them?

The Alien Abduction Quiz
You Have Been Probed! You might actually BE an alien...

Hold on to your tinfoil hat, because it seems like you might have been abducted by aliens! I mean, who else could be responsible for those missing hours of your life, right? Maybe they thought you were a hot commodity in the intergalactic dating scene, or maybe they just wanted to show off their mad probing skills. But don't worry, friend, you're not alone! The truth is out there, and with a little digging, we might just uncover some solid evidence of your extraterrestrial escapades. So, let's get to the bottom of this mystery and find out what the little green men want from you. Who knows, maybe you'll end up being Earth's ambassador to the galaxy!
You have not been abducted but you believe it could happen...BEWARE...

One day you could be whisked away by a UFO, and honestly, would any one believe you? It's not every day that we get to meet the little green guys. But until that fateful day comes, why not enjoy life on this beautiful blue planet? Maybe try out some new hobbies or finally learn to bake those Pinterest-worthy cupcakes you've been eyeing for years. And hey, if the aliens do show up, make sure to ask if they have any tips for perfect frosting swirls. Who knows, they might just be master bakers in their own galaxy! Until then, let's just sit back, relax, and keep our eyes on the skies.
What a bunch of NONSENSE! Aliens would fly right past this crazy planet!

Look who's too cool for little green men! It seems like you're not buying into the whole UFO abduction business, and that's okay, we still like you (mostly). Maybe you're just not ready to believe in a world where aliens are out there, watching us from the shadows. But who knows, maybe one day you'll be singing a different tune when the little green guys come knocking on your door. Just make sure to offer them some snacks, I hear they love a good human snack. Until then, keep on keeping on, non-believer. We'll be here waiting for you with open arms (and some spare tinfoil hats, just in case).

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