What Percent Italian are You?


Could you have a complete conversation with your hands in your pockets?

Which of these is NOT an Italian food/meal ?

Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia are all part of Italy.

How many days a week do you eat pasta?


Would you consider yourself "Stunad"?

Which one is the Italian flag?

Have you ever been to the "baccausa"?

What time is dinner on Sunday?


If you went to Italy and someone showed you an "ombrello" and said "vaffunculo"- how would you react?

What is a "Pasticiotti"?

What Percent Italian are You?
100% Italian-Bravo!

Hey there paisan, it looks like you took the "What Percent Italian are You" quiz and came out with a whopping 100% Italian score. You must be feeling like a true spaghetti slurping, pizza pie loving, gelato munching Italian stallion right about now. Maybe it's time to call up your Nonna and let her know that you finally made it to the top of the Italian game. You can now proudly wear your "I'm 100% Italian" badge with honor, and maybe even throw in some extra hand gestures and a "ciao bella" for good measure. Just remember, being 100% Italian comes with great responsibility, like always being the first to grab the breadbasket and never putting pineapple on your pizza. Congratulations on being the real deal, now go celebrate with a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs!
75% Italian-You got it!

Hey there paisan! Looks like you took the "What Percent Italian Are You" quiz and came out 75% Italian! That's some pretty serious pasta power you're packing there! Just don't go overboard and start talking with your hands too much, you might knock over the olive oil. And be sure to stock up on some meatballs and red wine, because you're gonna want to celebrate this result properly. Just remember, being 75% Italian doesn't mean you have to wear a tracksuit and slick back your hair - but it wouldn't hurt!
50% Italian-Half and Half...

Congratulations! You're officially 50% Italian, and that's nothing to sneeze at. I mean, half of you is basically a walking pizza. And let's be real, the Italian half of you is clearly the better half. Who cares about the other 50%? Embrace your inner Italian and start perfecting your homemade pasta recipes. You may only be half Italian, but you're 100% capable of living la dolce vita!
25% or Less Italian

Hey there 25% Italian and 75% something else, don't worry, you're still part of the famiglia! Being part Italian means you have the best of both worlds, and who doesn't love a good fusion? You may not have inherited all the Italian traits, but you've got the most important one - the love for pasta! So, just remember, when life gives you tomatoes, make a delicious sauce and celebrate your Italian roots.

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