Do you seem to compare everyone else to your ex?

Do you find yourself thinking about your ex a lot?

Did you and your ex have cute nicknames for each other?


Do you "stalk" your ex's social media?

Do you call your ex's phone randomly, anonymously just to hear their voice then hang up?

Do random places and objects remind you of your ex?


Do you keep pictures of your ex that you look at a lot?

Were you deeply in love with your ex?

Did you and your ex have names for the children you were both going to have one day?


When you are talking with your friends, do you constantly bring up your ex?

Are You Over Your Ex Yet?
BOOM! Strong as a LION!

You have moved on! Nice Job!
You are somewhere in the middle...YOLO!

Almost there-you can do it!
You are STUCK-but you got this!

We all get our hearts can get past this!

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